Market Research & Analysis

Blockchains are one of the most important technologies to emerge in recent years, with many experts believing they will change our world in the next two decades as much as the Internet has over the last two. Given the excitement and hype around blockchain, it can be tempting to dive in and start developing a blockchain application without really understanding your target market. Our advice is: Don’t!


Percentage of major North American and European banks that are exploring blockchain (ApiumHub)

At Welford we undertake extensive market research and analysis programs to determine the various opportunities in Blockchain and also, the competitive landscape of your target markets. What companies are active in your market already and how are they structured? What are the future applications of blockchain? What functionality and features are being developed? How is the market reacting to blockchain technology in this specific market? What does the future hold? How Blockchain for Supply chain adds to transparency?What could blockchain do for healthcare?


Percentage of patients who want to access their health data electronically (Datecon USA)

We produce detailed blockchain market analysis reports giving you the market intelligence you need. Our reports include extensive insights. We assess your markets globally. And finally, we present our findings to your leadership team to ensure all of your key people are fully up to speed the market you are targeting with your blockchain project or application.

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