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At Welford we believe that the decentralized, borderless, censorship resistant peer–to-peer transactions facilitated by the Blockchain offer tremendous potential for individuals and businesses the world over.

We help our clients turn their blockchain visions into reality, from the point that the neurons start firing with an idea through to launch and the first customer service call. We’ve assembled a group of experts with a wide range of skills and experience. Our team of blockchain experts provide guidance, consultancy and support services for the development and execution of blockchain ventures for startups, growth companies and large enterprises. Whether you’re looking for business strategy and planning, technology and software development, sales and marketing support, finance and funding, blockchain education or market research, Welford can help.


C-Level High-Tech executive with 20+ years of achievement growing revenue, profits, and market share for both established and early-stage companies. Now focused on blockchain, offers unique ability to drive innovation from product conception through development and market positioning to launch. Innovative strategist and futurist who has studied market, consumer, and industry trends, defined business opportunities, guided new product development, and penetrated new markets. Peter leads Welford and is responsible for the development and growth of the business.

Masters degree from Henley Business School


Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme - University of Oxford, Said Business School


PCI - Professional - Payment Card Industry (PCI)



CEO and fund manager at Virkin Capital, a cryptocurrency focused fund, Vivek brings significant experience to Welford helping our clients develop viable financial strategies. Vivek leads our crypto investment program, enabling clients to set up and manage their own crypto portfolio. He also supports our asset tokenization practice which provides our clients with the ability to develop and launch Security Tokens on the blockchain.


Lori Jo Underhill B.S., J.D. is a Digital Economy Analyst, “Digital Economist” Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, and Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California. Accomplished Professional. Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Efficiency – Technology, Media, Law, Financial Technology, and Construction. C-Level Consultant, Market and Regulatory Analyst. Author of “Defining the Digital Economy: The Structure of the Digital Economy in Focus” and the UMI-DASH Digital Asset Sector Hierarchy Whitepaper.


Supply Chain Executive with 30+ years of Fortune 500 experience in the medical device, life sciences, and consumer products industries. Proven success developing and implementing supply chain strategies, driving end-to-end business process improvement, collaborating with strategic partners and customers, integrating mergers and acquisitions, and leading change management communications. As a Welford Strategic Advisor, Keith helps our clients leverage people + process + blockchain/technology to drive operational excellence and profitable growth.


With an extensive IT career spanning 20 plus years and specializing in IT architecture, Mark has a considerable of amount of experience and knowledge covering a range of industry sectors including finance, academia, utilities/energy and manufacturing. Now focusing on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), Mark is applying his IT architecture expertise to these fields to help Welford ensure emerging Blockchain/DLT solutions are successfully designed, integrated and aligned to business strategy, outcomes and processes.

Mark is the Director and Principal Architect at Bloctagonal, a UK-based IT consultancy, and CTO at CogniPet, a Swiss-based startup utilizing Blockchain, AI and Computer Vision within its advanced pet care software.


Alex is CEO of award winning software development company Achievion Solutions. Achievion specializes in blockchain, AI and vdeo distribution solutions and Alex brings a wealth of software expertise to Welford. Working closely with Alex and Achievion, we offer best in breed software development solutions for our clients.


Founder of Global Communications Integrators (GCICom), a $130 million turn over information, communications and technology provider, Wayne is one of the UK’s most respected business leaders. Under his leadership the stellar evolution of GCICom was achieved through a combination of organic growth and the integration of 27 acquisitions over 17 years making the company one of the most successful in the UK. In joining Welford as a strategic adviser, Wayne brings a wealth of leadership, business development and M&A experience to support our vision of developing Welford into a market leading blockchain business and technical consultancy.

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