About Welford

Welford is a blockchain consulting group to help companies understand what this technology is and how it can be used to increase the efficiency of your business.

At Welford we believe that the decentralized, borderless, censorship resistant peer–to-peer communications and transactions facilitated by blockchain technology offer tremendous potential for individuals and business around the world. Why?

Traditionally, we rely on large intermediaries, or middlemen, such as banks, governments, credit card companies and social media companies to establish trust in our economy. However, because these intermediaries are centralized, they are becoming increasingly ineffective. Firstly, they can and are being compromised from outside and within, they miss the opportunity to bring billions of people into the global economy, which would enhance innovation and generate significant new economic activity, they slow transactions down and increase the cost of doing business and finally they collect and use our data in ways that we can’t control, access or monetize undermining our right to privacy.

In almost every industry and for most people on the planet, blockchain can help resolve these problems.

In order to help our clients execute their blockchain visions, from the point that the neurons start firing with an idea through to launch and the first customer service call, we’ve assembled a group of experts with a wide range of skills and experience. Our team of certified blockchain experts provide guidance, consultancy and support services for the development and execution of blockchain projects for startups, growth companies and large enterprises. Whether you’re looking for business strategy and planning, technology and software development, sales and marketing support, finance and funding, blockchain education or market research, Welford can help.

Please meet our team of strategic advisors:


Recognized as one of the IT Channel’s top influencers and innovators, Dina is CEO of SaaSMAX, a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor, as well as CEO of theblockchainsource.com a Web market place for blockchain application vendors, re-sellers and the blockchain community. Dina brings unique sales and marketing experience to our clients.


An internationally recognized expert in computer network security, specializing in security for blockchain applications and transactions. Dr. Muftic is the CEO of BIX Security Corporation, a blockchain technology adviser, professor at The Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) and visiting professor at George Washington University.


With significant expertise and experience advising on and leading IPO’s, ICO’s and crowdfunding projects Rod  has previously led two companies through IPO to Nasdaq listing. Now CEO of Manhattan Street Capital Rod helps companies with IPOs, Reg A+ IPO, and US securities compliant ICOs.


Alex is CEO of award winning software development company Achievion Solutions. Achievion specializes in blockchain, AI and vdeo distribution solutions and Alex brings a wealth of software expertise to Welford. Working closely with Alex and Achievion, we offer best in breed software development solutions for our clients.


CEO and fund manager at Virkin Capital, a cryptocurrency focused fund, Vivek brings significant experience to Welford helping our clients develop viable financial strategies. He also leads our crypto investment program, enabling clients to set up and manage their own crypto portfolio.

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