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We help companies design, develop, launch and market blockchain products, projects and solutions. Developing and executing an effective business development strategy for blockchain based services requires a new way of thinking as well as a deep understanding of the technology itself and how best to present it. Contact Welford today and let us help make your blockchain project a success.

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Discovery and Audit

An initial discovery session where we learn about your blockchain product or service, understand your goals and aspirations and assess your current business development programs and requirements.

Product Design and Launch

Support with design, development, launch and marketing of new products based on, or related to, blockchain technologies. We help create  the content and campaigns for your project.

Target Market Analysis

Research and analysis of target markets and customers. Development of customer personas and needs analysis. Includes market sizing, competition, buying patterns and regulatory requirements.

Marketing Strategy

Develop marketing strategy and planning based on goals, time-frames and budget. Provide comprehensive marketing plans for blockchain products, as well as financial models and project plans.

The Digital Mix

Digital marketing services including email, social media, website design, graphics and video production.  We help present your blockchain product or service on your Web site, across social media and in video.

Monitoring and Measuring

Based on agreed targets and metrics, a comprehensive measurement and reporting program to assess marketing ROI. We build performance models to assees the effectiveness of your marketing programs.

If you are looking for blockchain business development expertise, contact Welford Blockchain Solutions today!

Our team will help design innovative strategies and campaigns for your Blockchain project.

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