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We help companies design, develop, launch and market blockchain products, projects and solutions. Developing and executing an effective business development strategy for blockchain based services requires a new way of thinking as well as a deep understanding of the technology itself and how best to present it. Contact Welford today and let us help make your blockchain project a success.

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The Blockchain Journey

Blockchain technology can enable new product and service development, create efficiency improvements and costs reductions and even support the raising of capital. However, blockchain also has the potential to disrupt industries by connecting transacting parties directly, peer to peer. Developing your blockchain strategy therefore requires a mindset change as well as new skills and capabilities.

Whether you’re taking your first steps with blockchain or you’re ready to develop a proof of concept or application, we have the expertise to help.
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Business Development

Blockchain technology offers very significant potential for many businesses. However, successfully developing and launching blockchain products and services is challenging. At Welford we provide a full range of business development and marketing services focused on blockchain technology.

What sets us apart is that we know blockchain: we know the technology and platforms, we know the markets, we know the key players and we understand how to present blockchain solutions to markets and to customers.
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Investor Relations

Although the market for blockchain technology is maturing, best practices for raising capital may vary from traditional business models. As such, the challenges involved in finding investors for your blockchain project are numerous and can be tough to navigate. Success in raising capital will inevitably depend on a number of key factors, some of which may be out of your control.

We can help you prepare to raise capital for your blockchain project and we can identify and connect you with potential investors that are a fit for you.
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If you are looking for blockchain expertise for your company or project, contact Welford today!

Our team will help design innovative strategies, solutions and campaigns for your Blockchain business.

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