Introduction to Blockchain

Enables senior leaders and managers to understand, develop and implement blockchain technologies for new products and services, improving operational efficiency and reducing cost. This workshop allows senior leaders to make better decisions with regards to this innovative and disruptive technology.


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Blockchain and Business

In this workshop we cover the technologies that underpin blockchain, the problems that can be addressed, where blockchain is a good fit and where it isn’t, integration with legacy stystems and we answer many of the most critical questions about applying blockchain to business problems and how value is created.

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Blockchain Project Management

We take a deep and interactive dive into your specific business problem or challenge and evaluate it to define how blockchain should be implemented in your organization. As a result, you’ll have a well defined roadmap for your project.

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Inroduction to Crypto investing

Getting into crypto investing may seem complicated and not particularly intuitive. Hard wallets, soft wallets, ICO’s, white papers, private/public keys and a plethora of exchanges offering access to a variety altcoins are all enough to confuse the most hardened of investors. Nevertheless, there is a path to learning about this new asset class that enables you to start in a relatively simple manner, with a low level of investment, and then build your portfolio, and your level of engagement, over time.

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Expert Cryptoinvesting

To date financial advisors and managers have focused on traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate; but now there is a new asset class to help meet clients growth aspirations: tokenized assets and cryptocurrency. This new asset class is ushering in the next era of investment and has included the best performing assets over recent years. The number of fund managers incorporating tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies into their portfolios has increased exponentially over the last few years. Let us help you understand how to take advantage.

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