Why Strategy and Planning is Critical

Blockchain is poised to change the way individuals and organizations transact and intereract in much the same way the Internet did a quarter of a century ago. As such, companies are rushing to introduce blockchain and distributed ledger technology in order to develop new applications, increase efficiency, remove intermediaries, enhance security and decrease costs. At Welford we help develop and execute successful business plans and strategies that ensure long-term success for your blockchain project.

Business Planning and Execution

We help develop and execute business plans and strategies, for the successful implementation of blockchain solutions and applications, that deliver significant competitive advantage.

Financial Planning and Modeling

We deliver sophisticated financial modeling and planning services that provide you with the necessary insights into the viability and likely return on investment for your blockchain project.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

With many years of experience in sales and marketing planning and execution, we help develop and implement growth strategies your blockchain business,  application or project.

Operations and Support

Developing the right processes and procedures to support your blockchain venture is critical. We help develop complete solutions that integrate with legacy systems and deliver project goals.

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