Developing a Security Token

Raising capital in any economic climate is challenging, whether you’re looking to fund your start-up or to implement blockchain into your existing business or you may be looking for capital for your next real estate development project. Blockchains, and the tokenization of real world assets, are transforming the world of fundraising by allowing businesses to raise capital through peer-to-peer investment on a global scale. Welford can help you develop your security token or launch your security token offering. And we can help you present your project or company in a way that is compelling to investors and is compliant with securities laws and regulations.

Investor Relations and Presentations

To generate interest and excitement in the investment community, we assist in preparing business plans, funancial projections, white papers, terms sheets, pitch decks and other documents.

Security Tokens and Tokenization

Asset tokenization is redefining the financial services industry. We help develop the function and economics of your security token and avoid the pitfalls of the regulatory environment.

Security Token Offerings

In an STO a company issues security tokens to investors which give them access to a share of the company, a monthly dividend or a voice in the business decision-making process.

Marketing Communications

We develop and execute marketing programs that combine compelling messages with effective channels of communication and target the right market for investors, customers and partners.

Developing and launching your security token or security token offering requires a wide range of expertise and resources. Let Welford manage the process for you and ensure your token launch achieves its’ goals.

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