Business Performance

Critical to the success of any business is the ability to project and measure business performance. A deep understanding of the key drivers that affect revenue and margin growth creates the best envronment to make good business decisions. 

At Welford we help clarify, measure and report on the revenue and business performance of your company or project.

The customized financial models we develop enable sohphisticated ‘what if’ analysis so that you can see the potential impact of key decisions, shifts in market trends, changing price points and sales volumes and the effect of increasing or decreasing expendituare in any areas.

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Financial Planning

We delop and maintain customized, highly detailed financial analysis models that project key metics and drivers over your planning horizon.

Our finalcial models typically include projections for income statement, balance sheet and cash flow enabling in depth assessment of business performance and thus highly informed decision making.

Forecasting & Budgeting

We  take your existing products and services and identify the key revenue and margin drivers. Then we incorporate these into our model and customize it for your business.

New service lines or products can be added at any time and the model enables revenue and unit sales forecasts, sales targets and commission plans to be included.

Scenario Analysis

Once completed, we maintain and update your model on a weekly basis to enable actual vs forecast and variance analysis to be assessed.

The model monitors and reports on the key metrics that drive your business, charts any data that is required for reports and enables sophisticated ‘what if’ scenario analsys to be easily undertaken.

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