Raising Capital

Raising capital is hard! From developing a business model and structure that supports fundraising, to crafting a funding pitch, to developing an investor network, to thinking about valuation, exits, equity splits and governance. Whether you’re a startup or preparing for a Series A/B round, Welford can help raise the funding you need.

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Advisory Services

We undertake weekly calls with your team to review progress, course correct and set out actions and goals.

We complete an in depth audit of your business plan, financial projections, white paper, technical specifications, executive summary, term sheet website, investor documents, and other important items to ensure the best investor response.

We also provide marketing feedback and ideas to drive investor and customer adoption, including introductions to appropriate influencers.

Media Coverage

We pitch for inclusion in articles for Grit Daily, The New Trust Economy, Venture Beat, The Block Talk, Equities, Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other top tier and industry-specific media outlets as appropriate. We also help write articles for publiction that will generate interest and present your company in the best way.

We also respond to journalist queries to put your company on their radar.

We pitch your CEO as a potential speaker at conferences where our team is speaking or attending.

Investor Relations

We develop and execute direct email campaigns to targeted investors. This includes developing investors persona to ensure the best response, outreach to personal contacts who are high net worth individuals that we assess would be interested in your type of project.

We follow-up with all investors who have expressed interest in your project and continue to reach out to new contacts as we identify them. We also ensure that you get mentions from the stage when speaking at investor conferences to attract interested audience members.

Looking to develop a strategy for raising capital and building investor relations?

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