How Well Do You Know Your Market?

Given the myriad of opportunities presented by blockchain, it can be tempting to simply dive in and start developing an application, thinking that you’ll identify a specific problem to solve later. But in-depth market research and analysis is required to determine whether blockchain is a good fit for your particular application and how to apply it. At Welford, we undertake extensive market research to determine the opportunities that blockchain brings, help you get familiar with the challenges and develop products and services that offer competitive advantage and solve real world problems.

Target Market Analysis

We undertake detailed analysis of your target markets to help you better understand customers. Then we produce comprehensive reports enabling more accurate target marketing.

Competitive Landscape

An extensive study of the competitive landscape across your target markets. Who else is developing or has solutions for your market? We provide comprehensive reports on the competitive environment.

Product Features and Functionality

What product features and functionality are being developed? What capabilities are customers asking for and what problems exist that your blockchain idea could solve? We  analyze and report.

Financial Modeling and Analysis

We deliver sophisticated financial modeling and planning services that provide you with the necessary insights into the viability and likely return on investment for your blockchain project.

Reach out to us for detailed market research and analysis of your target market in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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