Product Development Strategy

We help companies design, develop and launch technology products, projects and services. By working closely with your team, we gain an indepth understanding of your vision for your new product. We help design and plan the product development process and either manage the process for you or work as part of your develoopment team. We can utrilize a range of sohpisticated management applications such as Jira, Confluence and Zeplin and also manage your internal or outsourced software development team if required. We’ll create and execute a product development roadmap with milestones, goals and targets that we’ll measure and report on. Contact Welford today and let us help make your development project a success.

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Discovery & Design

We work closely with your team to understand your business goals and objectives and more specifically the problem you are trying to solve with your new product or service.

By employing a range of design tools we develop Journey Maps that tell the user story as they engage with your product, Wireframes that enable the team to quickly draft and improve the solution, Prototypes for testing and user feedback and High Fidelity designs that closely represent the final look and feel of the product.

Product Development

We can either work with your in-house or outsourced development team, or we can bring our own development team to your project if required. We create and implement the product development process and layout a roadmap with milestones and goals against which will provide reports on a regular basis.

We utilize a wide range of tools to support the management of your development project and enable key stakeholders and team members to check on progress, provide updates and input in real time.

Product Launch

We develop a planned and coordinated effort to debut your new product to the market and ensure that it is easy to identify, assess and consume.

There are a wide range of requirements for a successful product launch including target marketing, user testing and feedback, sales and marketing collateral, user training, FAQs and support documentation, and technical and customer support. We can help deliver all of this as well as providing comprehensive reports on customizer acquisition, usage and revenue generation.

If you are looking for product development  expertise for your company or project, contact Welford today!

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