Business Development

  • How are you going to generate prospects for your new blockchain business or application?
  • What does the sales cycle look like?
  • How many contacts with a prospect does it require to close a deal?
  • What will your digital marketing strategy look like?
  • Do you have your elevator pitch clear in your mind?
  • What will your sales channel strategy be now and in the coming years?\

We can help you answer these questions and build an effective sales & marketing strategy for your blockchain business.

Amount the global blockchain market is expected to be worth in 2024

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies offer new opportunities for businesses to challenge the status quo and to disrupt many industries that are ripe for change. But how will you take your new blockchain application or solution to market? Will you be a price leader, undercutting the market and gaining market share at the expense of margin? Or will you be a premium service provider, targeting the high end customers? What will be your channel strategy: direct, indirect or both?


Percentage of major North American and European banks that are exploring blockchain

The digital marketing mix is a strategy that brings together the key elements of digital marketing. These include optimizing your Website, email marketing, content generation and improving your customer experience. Getting all of this right for your blockchain business is not easy but we can help. Contact us to take about a blockchain digital marketing strategy for your business or product launch.

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