Technical and Operational Support

Through our access to an extensive knowledge base related to blockchain technologies, blockchain logistics,product design and development, customer support operations and managing software development projects we provide complete technical and operational solutions to help plan, implement and support your blockchain technology application development or project.

Blockchain technology is new and still evolving so we have partnered with best in class software development companies to help our clients deliver winning blockchain applications.

Every blockchain application is unique. Each has individual characteristics, unique functionality, and specific customer requirements and is focused on specific target markets. Different blockchain platforms offer different benefits and selecting the right platform is key to delivering a marketing leading solution.

  • Percentage of world’s large corporations considering blockchain solutions (Jupiter Research): 57%
  • Percentage of healthcare applications worldwide that will be blockchain based by 2020 (Statista): 30%
  • Security of the Bitcoin network since launch in 2009: 100%
  • Expansion of the blockchain space every year to 2022 (Netscribes): 48.2%
  • Senior IT leaders who have clear and current plans to implement blockchain (IDG Connect research): 13%

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